Matt Smith, Director

I’ve been a professional communicator for over twenty years both as an in-house practitioner (ANZ Bank) and as a consultant (Mercer Human Resource Consulting).

In that time I  have undertaken communication and marketing work for many organisations large and small -  multi-nationals through to small businesses across many industries, public and private sectors.

During this time, I have personally experienced many of the communication and leadership development challenges facing today’s leaders and line managers. Whether coaching or advising, my work is characterised by an open and honest approach and a quest for an authentic voice.

I have trained as an executive coach to Level 1 standard with the Institute of Executive Coaching in Melbourne – an International Coach Federation accredited Coach Training Program. I also hold a Master of Arts in Communication from Monash University, Melbourne.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and two great kids, writing and playing music, drinking fine tea and roaring around Melbourne on my scooter!


"I feel like a big penny dropped for me yesterday and I want to thank you. You really know how to ask the right questions – fabulous coaching skills in action"

 Fiona - Australian Bank

“Professional, expert consulting – Matt really took our project to the next level and helped ensure a strategic effective approach”

Andrea – Communication Adviser, financial services organisation

"Professional, strategic, expert consulting – with Matt's great coaching and expertise of working through change, this took our project to the next level.  The project team had greater awareness, felt more in control and better positioned to drive the right outcomes, delivering an effective result”

Val – Risk Manager, Australian Bank

Photo by Angelle Laurence